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Bird's Eye Wellness

Integrative and holistic psychedelic assisted therapy with Ketamine for individuals and groups

A space for healing, growth and community

"I have undergone a profound shift in my awareness since taking advantage of Ketamine Assisted Therapy. I  have been able to access and process in an embodied way some extremely challenging and old traumatic events that no other form of therapy has afforded me. I consider this a profound transformation and the start of a new healing chapter.  Shauna has been integral in processing the Ketamine experience.  Her insights and exceptional perceptiveness combined with the capacity to hold space and instill self trust in those deep, difficult places has made the difference..."

JP - Individual KAP Client

It is with humble gratitude that we honor the indigenous wisdom and traditions that have helped to guide and inform our practice in creating healing spaces with consciousness expanding medicine.

Bird's Eye Wellness will support indigenous reciprocity initiatives and pledges to make an annual donation to the Chacruna Institute.

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