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The Healer Experiential

Bird's Eye Wellness is excited to offer our

Sage Group for Healers. A ketamine experiential group for practitioners in the healing field interested in exploring the benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

"Healers" refers to those who work with the physical, mental, spiritual and/or energetic bodies to promote health, wellness and connection. They may include, but are not limited to, therapists, mental health providers, medical providers and body workers.

We hold that healing work occurs at many different levels, within many different systems and in many different mediums. Depression, anxiety and burnout run high in these careers. It is not uncommon  for people in healing fields to put their needs and care last. If you feel you fit into a healing role, we welcome your inquiry.

The Sage Group is a recurring group the strives to support healing; to offer a place for healers to be held and cared for in connection with others while exploring the healing potential of altered states of consciousness.

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