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What is integration?

Integration is the process of making meaning of our psychedelic experiences and inviting this knowledge and felt sense to catalyze change in our lives. It is the translation of the language of our subconscious; finding the rich messages within the content, symbols, metaphors and sensations that have been presented to us during our inner journeys. 


The insights and deeper understanding of ourself, our values, our pains and our shadows can be difficult to confront, but they are gifts that serve the greater purpose of acceptance, shifts, and integration of all parts of ourself. The ongoing weaving of this wisdom into the tapestry of our mind, body and spirit support us in living in harmony with our authentic selves; releasing patterns that no longer serve us and welcoming in qualities that connect us more deeply with ourselves, others and the world around us.


Bird's Eye Wellness offers individual or group integration therapy as as part of our KAP services, but also to any individuals in the community who are seeking to support to integrate their own psychedelic experiences. 

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