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Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Star Cluster

KAP experiences can be really powerful when held in community. There is so much to learn from one another. The group format offers a unique opportunity to explore our mutual humanity and dip into the collective consciousness with a sense of camaraderie; to support and be supported; to be held accountable and to pursue a mutual goal of healing and growth. We build groups of individuals based on interest and availability, but also can offer private groups to support healing and deepening relationships within established systems. If you are interested in a group experience, reach out and we can talk about the options. 


Our group options and availability are always changing. Generally, there is a continuous rotation of groups and a list of names interested in participating. Group series may have focuses, such as anxiety or depression, or other unifying elements. More "a la carte" groups are generally non-specified and adapt to the unique energy and composition of the group. Please inquire below to learn more about our current offerings, dates and availability.

Group offerings are an investment of $600 per person, per group. This involves screening, medical assessment/monitoring, preparation, a 4 hour medicine session and a 2 hour group integration. These may occur in a series of multiple consecutive groups over the course of weeks, or in a stand-alone group. For inquiries around curating a private group, please inquire for more details around pricing.

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