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Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

A novel treatment for depression and anxiety

What is KAP?

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a novel treatment model that uses the rapid antidepressant and psychedelic properties of Ketamine as a tool to gain understanding and compassion for ourselves. It involves the incorporation of structured integration therapy to help individuals make meaning out of their experience to support healing and personal growth. This can result in a reduction of symptoms, improved relationships and richer connection. The immediate period of increased neuroplasticity and neurogenesis that follows a ketamine session is a powerful opportunity to reflect and be supported in the process of taking new insights, feelings or experiences and incorporating them into daily life. This helps to promote lasting changes in how we relate to ourselves and others. Integration therapy begins before even taking the medicine with the setting of intentions, offering tools to navigate and to anchor you within your experience, and is then used again to deepen and broaden your experience as you move forward.


At Bird's Eye Wellness, we offer a holistic and integrated approach to the treatment of mental illness with Ketamine. There is a comprehensive screening and intake assessment process. If you are eligible and desire to undergo KAP,  you will co-create a unique treatment plan with your treatment team based on your circumstances and needs. You will receive a thorough preparation session(s) leading up to your medicine experience, so you are well versed in what to expect. The recommended course of treatment is 4-6 medicine sessions and integration sessions. Benefits of the treatment often compound with each session. Integration sessions support making meaning out of your experience. Deeper understanding and insights can be gained during this process, strengthening your awareness and connection to them which helps to achieve more durable effects. There will be the opportunity to participate in ongoing group integration, as well.

Group Offerings

KAP experiences can be really powerful when held in community. There is so much to learn from one another. The group format offers a unique opportunity to explore our mutual humanity with a sense of camaraderie; to support and be supported, to be held accountable and to pursue a mutual goal of healing and growth. We build groups of individuals based on interest and availability, but also can offer private groups to support healing and deepening relationships within established systems. If you are interested in a group experience, reach out and we can talk about the options. 

Our group options and availability are always changing. Generally, there is a continuous rotation of groups and a list of names interested in participating. Group series may have focuses, such as anxiety or depression, or other unifying elements. More "a la carte" groups are generally non-specified and adapt to the unique energy and composition of the group. Please inquire below to learn more about our current offerings, dates and availability.

Sage Group for Healers

Our KAP Sage Group for Healers is part of our mission at BEW to support the caregivers within our community who have dedicated their lives to the health, wellbeing and safety of others. “Healers” refers to those who work with the physical, mental and spiritual and energetic bodies to promote health and wellness - they may include therapists, mental health providers, medical providers and body workers, to name a few. Depression, anxiety and burnout run high in these careers. It is not uncommon for people in healing fields to put their own needs and care last.


This group is inspired by our friends at The Riverbird Clinic. We honor their pioneering work within our community in the field of psychedelic therapy.


The Sage Group is a reoccurring group that strives to support healing and to offer a place for healers to be held and cared for. It involves a preparation session, two group medicine sessions and two group integration sessions for a cost of $800.

If you are interested in this group, please click the button below to find out the next group dates and availability.

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