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I'm Shauna Sedler (she/her).

I am proud to be the founder and owner of Bird's Eye Wellness.


About Me...

I have been a practicing, board certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) since 2016 and have over 12 years of experience working in healthcare in both inpatient and outpatient settings providing care to individuals of all ages.

Through my training as a PMHNP, I am dual certified in psychopharmacology and psychodynamic therapy. I aim to create a trusting, non-judgmental and collaborative space that cultivates a safe container for people of all identities, races, genders and walks of life. Through trauma-informed approaches, my style of therapy also includes a blend of insight-oriented, mindfulness, transpersonal, humanistic and Internal family systems modalities. I hold a non-pathologizing view of mental illness and choose to focus on exploring each persons unique journey and challenges.


My own psychedelic experiences have offered profound personal growth and healing, which have inspired me to create a safe and supported setting for others to access states of expanded consciousness and explore their healing potential. I feel the current western medical model focuses far too much on symptom management and suppression for the sake of "function". This is radically insufficient for the people it serves and perpetuates a toxic culture that further detaches us from our authentic selves and building healthy communities. Psychedelic medicine offers a "root-cause" approach, re-connecting people with their inner-light and truths as a way of reducing suffering.


In addition to my own experience with psychedelic medicine, I have completed a year-long psychedelic assisted therapy certification program through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute out of Boulder, CO, as well as additional training in MDMA-assisted therapy through the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies based out of San Jose, CA. 


Bird’s Eye Wellness, PLLC was born in 2022 in an effort to provide compassionate, holistic and patient-centered mental health services for individuals and the greater good.  I believe that healing does not have to occur alone in the shadows; by building community we foster healing and lift each other up.

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