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Explanation of Payment

Despite compelling evidence supporting its' benefits, Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is not an FDA approved treatment for mental health conditions. As a result, KAP is not covered by commercial insurances. We understand that cost can be a barrier to treatment for individuals and do our best to increase access and opportunity for those who may struggle to find the means to afford this treatment. Our ability to do this is based on the majority of our clients paying the full cost of treatment. Sliding-scale/reduced cost will be offered as available - if you would like to be placed on a list for this, please let us know. 


KAP is an upfront investment in your mental health and wellbeing. It is a time-limited treatment that can offer deep, transformative healing and growth by witnessing and holding compassion for our pain - as compared to the current western medical treatment paradigm that favors suppression and symptom management, but doesn't support us in getting to the root cause. Current psychiatric treatment usually involves extensive, if not lifelong, costs of medications, therapy and other intensive treatments that may not be providing the desired results. KAP is a novel treatment approach, the benefits of which may mitigate future costs of mental health treatment.

Individual Ketamine-Assisted (KAP) Psychotherapy Costs

Your unique treatment plan will be created between you and your provider at your initial consult. It will continue to be curated by any members of your treatment team who support you through this process, along with others you may like to include (e.g. therapists, psychiatrists). This plan can be adjusted at any time based on your preferences. The current data supports 4-6 KAP sessions as part of a typical course of treatment. This number of treatments is recommended, though not required. Some individuals will do fewer sessions, some will do more and some may choose to have "booster" sessions down the line to continue their healing journey or to maintain progress they have made.

If you are eligible and choose to participate in KAP, you will be required to participate in an initial medical/psychiatric consult as well as a separate preparatory session prior to your first session with the medicine. There will be a 1 hour integration therapy scheduled in the couple days immediately following a medicine session. We may recommend additional preparation sessions based on your unique circumstances.

Initial Consult

$300 - This is a 90 minute session that involves the screening, phone consultation, and a thorough medical and psychiatric history. We try our best to identify any contraindications that would make someone ineligible during our screening process to avoid undue costs, but it is important to understand that a consult does not guarantee treatment. This consultation involves education and an opportunity to ask questions around the treatment and the informed consent. Questions or concerns are welcome at any point during your course of treatment. Additionally, treatment planning will occur to outline the expected course of your treatment, identifying support systems, and accommodating any circumstances unique to you.

Prep Session

$150 - This is a 50 minute session that is scheduled with the therapist(s) that will be supporting you through your ketamine experience and integration session. These often occur through telehealth. This will include important information and "flight instructions" around how to both mentally and physically prepare yourself for the ketamine experience in the days leading up to, and on the day of, your session. Additionally, it will be a time to develop some rapport and for the therapist to support you through any concerns, questions, or expectations you may have around the experience and what may emerge for you. Additional prep sessions can be scheduled by request.

Medicine Session & integration

$750 (Oral)

$900 (Intramuscular injection)


Oral administration vs IM administration is decided between you and your treatment team. The decision is based on your unique circumstances and goals. Generally, the initial 1-2 sessions are oral and then we progress to IM dosing. The medicine session includes a 3 hour session with one therapist present and administration of ketamine. A 50 minute integration therapy session is scheduled in the couple days immediately following. 

 Integration or Prep Sessions

$150 - additional 50 minute integration or prep sessions with our clinicians by request

Group Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Costs

Group Ketamine Sessions

$550 - These sessions involve a 4 hour group ketamine session, and a 2 hour group integration session. They are curated and scheduled based on interest. If you would like to be placed on a list to receive information regarding upcoming group offerings, please inquire to let us know.

If you have an already established group that would like to participate in a private session, please let us know. We can accommodate these on a case by case basis.

Group integration Session

By donation, suggested donation of $25 - These are 1-2 hour long monthly "drop-in" integration sessions for clients of Bird's Eye Wellness's KAP treatment. You can participate in these as little or as often as you like. It does not matter how much time has passed since your ketamine session, you are always welcome. Integration is an ongoing journey.

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