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About Us

Bird’s Eye Wellness (BEW) offers psychedelic-assisted therapy to catalyze healing and growth for both individuals and groups. Our evolving vision is to host a collection of both recurring and changing community-enriching programs. Healing is a journey that does not end with therapy and medicine. We hope to be part of a shifting paradigm that helps to take healing out of the shadows and to strengthen a community that lifts each other up.


At BEW, all parts of you are welcome. We strive to create a safe, non-judgmental and compassionate container for people of all races, genders and different identities. This allows the opportunity for deep exploration of pain and suffering that may be hijacking our existence. We offer a space for that pain to be witnessed and held with compassion and nurturance. This is key to deep and transformative healing. 


There is nothing that exists inside of you that you haven't already survived. We believe every person has an inner healing intelligence; that everyone holds the innate tools and strength necessary to heal and feel whole if given the safe and nurturing conditions to thrive. This can guide us to experience life as our most authentic selves; allowing us to heal, strengthen our community, create, play and expand.

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